First of all I got to say that I am a fan of these masters of extremity since their beginnings, back in 1985. Belial (Chile) is one of the bands that it is possible to name a living myth. This it is their third CD, with their previous productions “Australophitecus” 1993 and “Grotesco” 1997. They are the leaders of the Grind Death style on Southamerican level.

“Perversion” is no doubt a marvel and the best work that they have realized to date. There are 9 devastating compositions, that personaly drive me crazy with Chalo’s bass siounding like a cannon. Probably Corvi’s voice sounds little more death metal that on their previous works.

Also it is enough prominently the work that fulfils Wolfy on the drums with a few incredible changes of double bass-drum. For those, who have not got the chance yet to listen to Belial, their sound is sort of a mixture of the “F.E.T.O” and “Diatribes” of Napalm Death with touches to Pungent Stench. But this is more that prominent since they developed their style when these bands did not even exist…

Songs like “New potions”, “Foul smelling life”, “Claustrophilia” and “Lord of flies” became Belial’s real classics, which is one of the most ancient bads of the Southamerican scene. Emphasized are their typical sarcastic, grotesque and perverted lyrics, written by the sick vocalist Corvi who has given that original touch to the band right from the start. Definitively very good stuff to recommend.

Contact the band at: https://belial.cl email: [email protected]

[- Blasfemo]